Drake head

Nathan 'Nate' Drake

Nathan "Nate" Drake is a treasure hunter and an expert in deep-sea salvage, descended from Sir Francis Drake. Drake operates in an underworld of fortune-seekers, including his friend and mentor Victor Sullivan, searching for lost wrecks and gold all over the world. Unlike many, he is said to be driven by the thrill of the hunt, rather than the treasure itself. He is in his mid 30's with rugged features and sarcastic wit. Drake resides in Key West, Florida in a waterfront apartment. He sets out with reporter Elena Fisher for a coffin, containing the remains of his ancestor Sir Francis Drake ,but instead of finding a body they discover a lockbox which contains the jounal of Sir Francis. Throughout the adventure, Nathan becomes more and more concerned about Elena's safety, and develops feelings for her.


Nathan believes that he is a descendant of famous explorer Sir Francis Drake, who is believed to have not fathered children. Nathan Drake is a treasure hunter and during the events of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, he searches for the lost idol of El Dorado. Drake seems to amass a vast knowledge of the world around him, even showing that he can speak Indonesian. He is also very resourceful, making friends as well as enemies in locations all around the world.

Drake often carries with him the ring of Francis Drake which is worn around his neck. It is not revealed how he came into possession of the ring only it is what began his search that lead to the first Uncharted game. The ring is inscripted with both coordinates and the phrase sic parvis magna meaning greatness from small beginnings which was Sir Francis's Motto.

Drake has amassed a long list of enemies during his adventures, however. His known enemies are Gabriel Roman, a rival treasure hunter whom Sully owes money, Atoq Navarro, Romans partner and archeologist, as well as Eddy Raja, pirate leader, rival, and a possible past partner of Drake's.


Throughout the first game Drake and Elena, showed a liking to each other and in the end of the game the were about to kiss, but were interupted. In Uncharted 2: Among Thieves a new girl is revealed. How this will affect Nathan and Elena's relationship is unknown.

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